Native American Astronomy

Postin' A Little Boastin'

Nice review and 4-star rating (10 out of 10) from Magellan (whole site)

Yahoo SUNGLASSES site (for First Nations section only).

InfoSeek Select Site -- for both the Traditional Foods and the First Nations sections.

Cool Canadian Site of the Day -- First Nations section only -- for 2/22/96 (ah, fame: so fleeting and soon gone)

Point Communications --picked this site (whole thing) last year, among the "top 5%" of K -12 educational web. Since then, they also top-rated the MayaPages -- and made racist remarks about Nobel Laureate Rigoberta Menchu Tum in their review.

History of Astronony: Max Planck Institute for Space Research, Germany -- It's just a link, no "best of". Here's why I'm so happy about it. Below the line is Archaeoastronomy: dead stones and bones, no relevance to the life and true history of science. But this Native Astronomy website is above the line, they put it with the part of history of science -- like Gallileo -- that still lives. The Lakota constellations, the stone circles that touched the stars 2,000 years ago on the high plains of Canada -- he considers that they live, that the life of the mind continues forward with them. Instead of being below the line, with the stones and bones of the archaic, dead past. Any Native person likes to hear that some savant thinks that.

One that really knocks me out, though. This lady who's a surveyor -- her hobby is solar alignments of indigenous ruins. She liked it. Out of nowhere, she emailed me, wanted to give $100 to the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation basketball team. I told her I thought the prof at Sinte Gleshka University who was teaching Lakota philosophy using the star knowledge book was a more appropriate recipient; later I heard she sent them $200. A fluke no doubt, but it kinda knocked me over.

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