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Desert Grasslands: Artists respond to the
fascinating biomes of desert grasslands

Julie Sasse
Tucson Museum of Art

Desert Grasslands is a catalog for the exhibit, Desert Grasslands, which was installed at the Tucson Museum of Art, between January 26 and July 17, 2013. Work by 18 artists was included and images are provided here as well as artist biographical material and statements.

Artists included are:

Michael Berman
Kate Breakey
Stephen Capra
MF Cardamone
Diane Dale
Dornith Doherty
Matilda Essig
Deborah Springstead Ford
Moira Marti Geoffrion
Heather Green
Michael Haykin
Ben Johnson
Karen Kitchel
Mark Klett
Mayme Kratz
Joseph Scheer
Stephen Strom
David Taylor

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